The Odd Couple: Managers and ScrumMasters – How to Share the Same Space

Best 120 November 7, 2017 1:30 pm - 2:30 pm

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Kay Harper

Update: Kay’s session was experiential, as such, no slides are available from the session!

You may have experienced it. The blending of Lean/Agile Team Facilitators/Scrum Masters/Agile Coaches asked to stand up new mindset and practices in traditional organizations where Management has led teams for years. Oscar and Felix asked to live together in the same space. The unintentional creation of the Odd Couple destined for conflict.

As Lean/Agile practitioners, we are often frustrated with leadership, no? After all, we’ve explained Lean/Agile values and trained on Lean/Agile practices. We have trouble understanding why “they” can’t “get onboard.”

AND as traditional Managers and Leaders, we know we are supposed to do something different. After all, “they” told us what NOT to do. Yet, we’re still responsible for delivery. Without a clear understanding of what TO do, we can only approach our jobs based on what’s always worked for us and got us where we are.

In this workshop, Kay will lead an interactive exploration of the roles of Lean/Agile Practitioner and the leader asked to transition to an Agile mindset. After exploring the challenge, we as a group will co-create ways to help this “odd couple” cohabitate. As a participant, you will leave with a deeper understanding of these roles and what is needed to successfully work together.