Open KC

Do you have questions about a topic that may not be answered during a session?

Do you want an informal way to interact with others with knowledge or similar interest about a topic?

Lean Agile KC will have the perfect forum – Open KC.

Open KC is a modified version of the popular Open Space technology. The intent of  an Open Space is to allow people who have a common interest to gather and self-organize, focusing to invest their time discussing and collaborating on the topics that those present are most interested in. Rather than planning a formal program and assigning people to speak or present at set times, we ask those interested in learning to post a topic and suggest a time. Those who want to discuss the topic show up at the time and have a self-organized discussion. The discussion is over when it’s over.

Regardless of if you have ideas to share, or are simply interested in attending and listening to others that are sharing, Open Space provides a mechanism for all to be involved and learn.

Open Space Principles:
1. Whoever comes is the right people
2. Whatever happens is the only thing that could have
3. Whenever it starts is the right time
4. When it’s over, it’s over
5. Law of two feet

Our Open KC event will run concurrently with the traditional breakout sessions. It’s an opportunity to register your topic of interest, and lead a discussion for other interested attendees. Open KC will be a place to share your expertise, or to seek out the expertise you are needing.