Remote Agile delivery – How to make it work!

Best 230 November 7, 2017 11:15 am - 12:15 pm

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Nathan Ballard

Update! Nathan’s slides are not publicly available due to client confidentiality. He is happy to share a portion of the material upon request. Just let us know, and we’ll forward on the request!

Face-to-face communication, conversation, and collaboration are pillars of a great Agile practice. So how do you have an effective Agile organization when members of your delivery team are remote, or even offshore? This talk explains the Must-Haves for a successful remote Agile strategy.

If you are in an Agile organization with remote resources, or thinking about utilizing remote or offshore resources, then this talk is for you. Remote Agile delivery can be tough. So how do we value Individuals and interactions when team members are not working face-to-face with your onsite team, on a completely different schedule or even on the other side of the planet?

There are 7 Must-Have practices to implement, when utilizing remote resources in an Agile environment, and we will go over those practices in detail. We will also go over a real world example of a poorly implemented remote Agile implementation and how utilizing the 7 Must-Have practices remedied the implementation.