Trust, Just Culture and Blameless Post Mortems

Best 120 November 7, 2017 2:45 pm - 3:45 pm

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Aaron Blythe

Building a Just Culture has to be intentional and on-going. This talk will use fictional examples of a team to weave a story displaying how the difference of a Just vs. an Unjust culture can yield very different results.

What is it to have a Just Culture? What is a mistake? What is a incompetence and malevolence? Who decides?

I will go through a few fictional parallel stories of a software development team and the decisions they make. The same people with extraordinary talent can have very different outcomes. I assume we all want to have a strong learning culture, and the reasons we don’t are simple. Ways to overcome from many of our failures to create a just culture can be found from the teachings of Sidney Dekker on Just Culture.

A learning culture is one that can be collectively reflective and honest with one another. Holding regular postmortems can greatly raise the knowledge and morale of the team if done properly.